Interview at UiTM Merbok :3
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Walaweeerrrr , hey hey gorgeous and gentleman silent readers !
How's are you ? Hopefully all of you in a good condition now .
For this entry , I will try writing in English . First and foremost , I want to be apologize to all of you because my grammar so so so bad and if you don't mind leave your comment or chat box to complain/comment about my grammar :3 
The reason why I love this way because I want my English improve day by day .
Okay , let's me start my experienced involves in an interview for  Diploma in Landscape Architecture at UiTM Merbok .
First day , my beloved mother and I was took the ferry's ticket and we waited for the ferry just for 15 minutes and announcements to leave already granted . We got Star City's ferry as our water transport and we really enjoyed it and we also entertain the eyes with beautiful landscapes . 
Finally , we had arrived at Kuala Kedah's Jetty at 5 pm and quickly we took a taxi . I got a special long political story by the taxi driver . Yeah , I had focused about that history . Wawww really amazing ! 
Lastly , we were arrived at Taman Tunku Hosna at IPD Kota Setar :3 Waw , I saw Putri and her beloved ummi happy when they look at us . 
We were check-in at their house . So cool and comfortable ! Next , we continued our plan when we went to Night Market at Taman Nuri . I was really excited because many people visited every single stalls that sold amazing and the latest fashion . Yeah ofcourse ! * I kaki shopping !
At night , I just made a last preparation for my ownself before interview tomorrow . I was memorised all the fact of architecture like favourite architecture in local/over seas and favourite building in local/over seas and a little bit fact about landscape.
I also has made training communicated in fact to improve my communition skills . 
 Early in the morning , I pray to Allah that I be able to lead a good interview .
In 7:30 am , my aunt ( Mak Ndak Ana ) drove a car went to UiTM Merbok and sharp 8:30 am , Alhamdulillah we were arrived there and I was impressed that the campus so clean and nice looking . First , my mother and I found for " Fakulti Seni Bina , Pembangunan dan Ukur " and we were went at wrong faculty . We went to Faculty of Arts and Designs ! WHATTTT ?
We were rushingly found for the correct faculty and lastly yeah ! See ? Wawww , many interview candidates were waited at the corridor until the panel called their name and we must refered to the check list to know where the room placement test  .
My name at the Room 2 and the 12th candidates in the landscape architecture's course .
Then , we were called by the panels and we were distributed with the paper drawing to the painting test .
Then , we were briefed by the panels for the first test session . They putted the block shapes like pyramids, round , square, rectangular and cylindrical . We must to sketch that blocks from our angle and perspective .
The test just for 1 hour . The interview candidates were started their drawing and good sketching . 
                            After that , the panels announced " Okayyyyy , the end ! " 

Dengan muka steady ajew Era bangun dari tempat then pergi kepada panel yang diarahkan untuk menghantar lukisan masing-masing . Pelbagai gelagat yang Era nampak . Ada yang cool aje , ada yang mula gelisah , ada yang curi - curi tengok hasil lukisan kawan ! HAHAHA
Masing-masing bawa karekter masing-masing . Actually , the guys yang minat Archi nie kebanyakkan smart smart belaka :3 * SERIUS TAK TIPU
yang perempuan pula penuh dengan karisma * NOT ME !
Then , we asked to wait at corridor for the next session ( INTERVIEW SESSION )
Kami dipecahkan mengikut course senibina yang berbeza . Era ditempatkan  bersama calon senibina landskap yang lain . Calon paling ramai sekali senibina bahagian pembangunan . Memang ramaiiiii :* 
Asyik Era berborak dengan seseorang calon senibina pembangunan , tiba-tiba terdengar nama Era dipanggil :] 


Era terus bergegas ke bilik sebelah . Untuk minta kepastian , Era tanya calon senibina landskap yang sedang tunggu giliran . 
" Panel panggil nama siapa tadi ? "
" Eraaaaa errr Era apa entah ?  "  * dia tanya kawan dia  ! Kawan dia pun blurrr :*


" Nur Era Syahirah right ? "

" Yes . I am ! " * muka senyum tetapi dalam hati , Allah sahaja yang tahu .
Era pun berilah segala sijil yang telah difailkan ! Then , duduk dengan rapinya sekali . Amboooi * PELAKON HEBAT KAU ERA . KAU ADO ?
Okay . Interviewer Era sangat cantik , baik hati dan sangat ramah . 

" Let's introduce yourself ? "

Bismillahirahmanirrahim . Bermulalah Era berpumpang pumpang sana sini . Speaking babe tapi errrrr kalau hancus pun abaikan . Apa yang penting ? * CONFIDENT

Okayyyyy . " Can you give me the reason why you choose architecture as your further study "

First and foremost , the reason why I choose Architecture as my bla bla bla bla bla . Then the second reason bla bla bla . and the third reasons is bla bla blaaaa
Masukkan fakta sedikit about Archi . 

Then , she asked me ? " How do you know about all the fact that you gave to me just now ? "

Bermulalah ceritanya pumpang pumpang pumpanggggg :*
1 . Research google  2 . Always asking the senior about this career  .

" What your opinion about our structure building in Malaysia ? "

Okay , soalan nie Era ada masukkan nama Hijjas Kasturi yang as my  favourite Archi in Malaysia . And his design , Menara Telekom ! Adore sangat dengan struktur bentuk bangunan Menara Telekom !
bla bla blaaa and blaaa

" Okay , that's all Era . For me , I know you memang minat about this passion * sambil senyum "
Then , she send her regard to my mum . HEHE

Akhirnya , kami bersalaman ! * Alhamdulillah dah habes !

Seriusly , rasa macam tak percaya pula yang interview nie dah habes . Apa apa pun Alhamdulillah . Segalanya Era tawakkal akan keputusan yang akan dihebahkan nanti . Berharap sangat ada rezeki dan rakan-rakan yang lain pada hari itu juga turut serta berjaya . Amin

Then , after the end of the second session , my mother and I went straight to the Kuala Kedah's Jetty ! My aunt sent us there . 
Andddd , bye bye Alor Setar ! Langkawi we back home !


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